5 Easy Icebox Cakes

Can’t bake? Don’t worry. There’s no baking involved with icebox cakes.

Can’t bake? Don’t worry. There’s no baking involved with icebox cakes. Made with wafers or cookies layered with whipped cream or some type of custard, these impressive desserts are foolproof and absolutely delicious. Here, five recipes for easy, creamy icebox cake.

1. Zebra Icebox Cake
Though icebox cakes are usually made with storebought cookies, this one is upgraded with homemade chocolate-graham wafers and a creamy mix of mascarpone and Marsala.

2. German Chocolate and Cookie Icebox Cake
Known as kalter hund (literally, “cold dog”) in Germany, this icebox-style cake is a classic Black Forest dessert that can be found in many a grandmother’s refrigerator. It’s made with alternating layers of silky, chocolaty ganache and crisp Leibniz butter cookies.

3. Icebox Chocolate Cheesecake
This cheater’s cheesecake is made by layering chocolate cookies with a quick mix of cream cheese, chocolate syrup and a little water.

4. Pralinella Icebox Cakes
For this outrageous chocolate-and-nut dessert, chef Courtney McBroom layers crisp cookies with creamy Nutella.

5. Lemony Layered Cheesecake
The smart trick here is using prepared ingredients to compose this tangy icebox cake.

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