5 DIY Croutons to Upgrade Any Salad

Dressing up your salad just got easier.

Crispy, crunchy croutons are a fast and easy way to make salad more exciting. Skip the store-bought kind and make your own DIY croutons with these five terrific recipes.

1. Garlic and Thyme Croutons

You can use any one or two day-old savory bread you have around the house to make these tasty croutons.

2. Pan-Fried Potato Croutons

These crispy croutons are also great to garnish chunky tomato soup.

3. Caesar Salad with Crispy Tofu Croutons

In this creative remix of a classic Caesar, tofu cubes are pan-fried until they become crisp and crouton-like.

4. Country Ham Croutons

These easy-to-make croutons are awesome on salads but they also make excellent hors d'oeuvres on their own.

5. Pulled Croutons

Try these super-easy, three-ingredient croutons with star chef Nancy Silverton's excellent Bibb lettuce salad.

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