5 DIY Accoutrements for the Perfect Cheese Plate

Make the ultimate cheese plate.

Impress guests with a stunning homemade cheese plate. First, consult our guide to the nation's best artisanal cheeses, then accessorize you plate. From crunchy wheat crackers to sweet-tangy compote, here are five DIY accoutrements to elevate any cheese plate.

1. Homemade Wheat Crackers

These thin, tasty crackers are super-crunchy and delicious with cheese.

2. Pickled Grapes with Walnuts

Four ingredients is all you need for this excellent cheese plate side.

3. Dried Apricot and Cherry Mostarda

This sweet-tart jam-like condiment is ready in just 15 minutes.

4. Toasted Nuts in Honey


For a party, roast different types of nuts so everyone can choose their favorite varieties.

5. Cranberry-Licorice Compote

Try this sweet-and-tangy compote with fresh goat cheese.

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