5 Desserts to Eat Around a Campfire

© John Kernick
Shake up your campfire dessert routine with one of these.

The classic campfire dessert is, of course, graham cracker s’mores. But in this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, F&W’s Justin Chapple reveals how to make something that might just trump the marshmallow stalwart: stuffed banana s’mores. Shake up your campfire dessert routine with that gooey treat or one of these:

1. Campire Biscuit S’mores
Another twist on s’mores: Replace the graham crackers with chocolate-studded biscuits.

2. Nectarine-Gingersnap Hobo Packs
Cooked over a fire in foil packets, these supersweet nectarines are topped with streusel-esque crumbled gingersnaps.

3. Fire-Roasted Berry Crostini with Honey Crème Fraîche
Grilling berries enhances their sweetness exponentially.

4. Skillet Graham Cake with Peaches and Blueberries
Chicago chef Stephanie Izard’s skillet cake, baked on a grill, gets amazing flavor from graham crackers mixed into the batter and in the crumbly topping.

5. Cast-Iron Skillet Apple Crisp
This rustic apple dessert—a mixture of sweet and tart apples and buttery breadcrumbs—slow-cooks over hot coals.

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