5 Bite-Size Super Bowl Sliders

Burgers are an excellent choice for Super Bowl Sunday, but there's a problem: They’re super filling on a day when you don’t want to limit yourself to one dish.

Turn a culinary shrink ray on burgers and make snackable sliders instead. Here, five great recipes for delicious but dainty sliders.

1. Mini Burgers & Crispy Onion Rings 

These little burgers are extra juicy because they’re made with a mixture of meats, including ground chuck and short rib.

2. Lobster Sliders 

Here’s a luxe addition to your Super Bowl snack smorgasbord.

3. Asian Sloppy Joe Sliders 

Sambal oelek and minced ginger give these sandwiches a spicy kick.

4. Crispy Quinoa Sliders 

Vegetarians deserve sliders, too.

5. Stilton Sirloin Burgers with Onion Jam 

These mini cheeseburgers are topped with pungent Stilton and sweet homemade onion jam.


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