5 Best Bread Bowl and Dip Pairings

© Matthew Armendariz
Find your perfect bread bowl and dip match.

This Super Bowl, give yourself one less dish to clean after the partying is over: Serve your dip in an edible, rippable, dippable bread bowl. But don’t just grab any loaf—make sure the bread you pick pairs perfectly with the dip it’s going to hold. Here, our recommendations for five spectacular bread bowl and dip duos.

1. Pumpernickel with Caramelized Onion Dip 

The sweet onions and tangy cream cheese base echo the flavors in dark, hearty bread.

2. Sourdough with Artichoke Dip 

Classic warm, cheesy artichoke dip is meant for chewy, crusty sourdough.

3. Rye with Pimento Cheese

Earthy rye bread’s strong flavors can stand up to the equally complex and powerful pimento cheese—especially if you use an extra-sharp cheddar.

4. Classic Crusty White with Spinach Dip 

Let spinach dip’s creamy flavors shine in a simple loaf of crusty country white bread.

5. Whole Wheat with Hummus 

A rustic whole wheat loaf would be perfect with nutty, homemade hummus.


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