5 Amazing Apple Pie Filling Upgrades

This Thanksgiving, go beyond traditional apple pie.

From Marcus Samuelsson's cardamom-spiced pie to sweet-savory cheese-filled hand pies, here are five ways to upgrade classic apple pie filling.

1. Spiced Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust
Chef Marcus Samuelsson's tangy filling features cardamom, a common sweet seasoning in his native Sweden.

2. Apple Blintz Hand Pies
Tart and sweet apples combined with farmer cheese and cinnamon makes a lovely filling for these sweet little pies.

3. Apple Tart with Bananas and Cranberries
This holiday version of a traditional apple pie gets a boost of flavor from rum and dried cranberries.

4. Double-Crust Apple-Apricot Pie
Master baker Alice Mendrich enhances the flavor of tender baked apples with dried apricots and orange zest.

5. Apple Cider Cream Pie
This clever dessert is a delicious combination of cream pie and apple pie.

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