4 Ways to Cook with Matcha

There’s no denying that matcha is having a moment. 

There’s no denying that matcha is having a moment. The bitter, energizing green tea powder is so popular right now that there’s an entire Brooklyn café dedicated to it. But matcha isn’t just for drinking. It’s also an incredible tool for boosting flavor, complexity and color in desserts. Here, four deliciously bittersweet desserts to make with matcha.

1. Matcha-Dusted Caramel Almonds
These super-crunchy, salty-sweet almonds are tossed in a homemade caramel, then dusted with fragrant matcha and sea salt.

2. Matcha-Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches
Crispy, chewy, matcha-spiked macarons are delicious “buns” for ice cream sandwiches.

3. Green-Tea Fortune Cookies
Adding matcha to DIY fortune cookies transforms the Chinese takeout staples into grown-up desserts.

4. Green Tea Panna Cotta
This cool, creamy custard is beautiful and elegant.

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