4 Top American Single Malts

© Hillrock Estate Distillery
Scottish single-malt whiskeys use only one type of grain, barley (bourbon, in contrast, calls for a mix of grains). Recently, American distillers have fallen for the single-malt style. Here, a few favorites.

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey ($55)

This smooth, toffee-inflected single malt is made entirely with barley farmed in the Rocky Mountains.

Westland Peated American Single Malt Whiskey ($70)

Until his whiskeys made with Washington state peat mature, Matt Hofmann is using Scottish peat to instill campfire-smoky notes into this complex whiskey.

Balcones "1” Texas Single Malt Whisky ($75)

Despite the departure of original distiller Chip Tate, this substantial, oaky whiskey remains one of the best US single malts.

Hillrock Estate Single Malt Whiskey ($100)

Master distiller Dave Pickerell, who learned his trade at Maker's Mark, creates this smoky Hudson Valley whiskey with New York barley and Scottish peat.

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