4 Steps to Stress-Free Friday Night Entertaining

We are on a quest to host more dinner parties: Every time we throw a dinner on Friday night, we discover that the weekend feels infinitely longer and more fun. Here, four simple steps to effortless entertaining any night of the week.

Do you suffer from dinner party overprepping? We have the cure: Invite everyone over on Friday night for an easy, collaborative meal. Every time we do, we discover that the weekend feels infinitely longer and more fun. Here, chef Mashama Bailey of the new Savannah spot The Grey offers four simple steps to effortless entertaining.

1. Plan
Do as much as you can as far ahead as you can. Make-ahead main courses are your best friend.

2. Primp
You know that friend who always shows up 15 minutes before everyone else does? Make sure you shower and get dressed an hour before she arrives.

3. Delegate
Before guests arrive, identify a short list of things for them to do—things that you don’t actually have to touch. Have them set the table, get the wine from the fridge or set out the cheese straws (which you made ahead a week ago, right?).

4. Let go
Most importantly, says Bailey, remember that you don’t need to make the party perfect. Create conversation about the projects you’re having your friends do: It will be more relaxing and less frantic for you. Just get everyone involved.

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