4 Questions for TV Star Ty Burrell and Chef Viet Pham

Best Salt Lake City Bite
Ty Burrell: "The soft-scrambled egg with sherry cream at Forage."

Best Salt Lake City Bite
Ty Burrell: "The soft-scrambled egg with sherry cream at Forage."

Viet Pham: "Naked Fish's Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef. It's amazingly tender and unctuous."

If You Were a Cocktail...
TB: "Maybe I'd be a Rob Roy. I like the scotch as a curveball with the sweet direction of a Manhattan."

VP: "I'd be a drink that requires thought and finesse—maybe one of the beer cocktails at Ty's new bar! They're not too strong but, depending on how you make them, you can get a lot of layers of flavor—kind of like me."

Trading Places
TB: "Not to say that I wouldn't want to be a great chef, I just wouldn't want to swap jobs with Viet in my current condition. I have caveman brain. I have trouble discerning between two hoses at a hardware store, let alone a thousand ingredients in a restaurant kitchen."

VP: "I'd love to trade places with Ty for a day. Any chance to be near Sofía Vergara on the set of Modern Family would be a dream come true."

Last-Minute Dish
TB: "If Viet showed up at my house unannounced for dinner, maybe I'd grill asparagus and a pork loin, make a salad and buy some good bread (or ask my wife very nicely to bake some for us; she went to pastry school in New York). Then I'd beg his forgiveness."

VP: "I always have a poussin or a small chicken in my fridge at home, so if Ty showed up unannounced for dinner, I'd roast one for him. And since I juice every day, I always have greens like kale on hand, so I would also make a warm kale salad or some other braised greens."

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