4 Places to Go in Bogotá

© Alex Segre/Getty Images
Architecture and food geeks both have lots to love in Colombia’s capital, which now has great coffee spots (ironically, long lacking), terrific local and global food, and phenomenal new hotels.

There are now not one but two Four Seasons hotels: the intimate Four Seasons Hotel Bogotá and the Casa 
Medina in Zona G (for “gastronomy”). fourseasons.com.

Hearty homestyle Colombian dishes, like tomato-chorizo stew with chickpeas, are both simple and refined at Restaurante Tábula. facebook.com/RestauranteTabula.

Two superb coffee shops, Azahar and Café Cultor, are both housed in repurposed shipping containers. azaharcoffee.com; facebook.com/CafeCultorCol.

Chef Daniel Castaño ate ramen all over Japan before opening his newest restaurant, ultra-cool Tomodachi Ramen Bar, located in Zona G. Diagonal 70A No. 4-66.

© Maria Dalmazzo
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