3 Healthy Apps to Know Now

Courtesy of HidrateSpark
These three apps can help you stay on a healthy track.

Meal Plan
Some apps do a good job of tracking food intake; others excel at monitoring calories burned. The MyFitnessPal site and app, recently acquired by Under Armour, successfully integrates the two. myfitnesspal.com.

Calorie Tracker
Every week, subscribers to the Cooking Light Diet get an email with recipes for three meals and two snacks daily, all based on the number of calories they choose. F&W’s favorite part: You can substitute a glass of wine for a snack. cookinglight.com.

Wired Bottle
The Hidratespark Water Bottle lets you create your own daily drinking goals, keeps track of your progress and even glows to remind you to take a sip. $60; hidratespark.com.

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