Anatomy of a Dish
Huevos Rotos
Huevos Rotos
Photo © Ben Alsop

The chef at Manhattan’s new Huertas creates an irresistible version of a traditional Spanish dish combining fried potato strips, chorizo and soft-cooked egg.

“If the Spanish had invented pasta carbonara, this would be it,” says Huertas chef Jonah Miller. In fact, his dish looks just like a bowl of spaghetti—but standing in for the noodles are long strands of potato. Miller fries the strips until they’re ever-so-slightly crispy, so they’ll absorb the salty, rich crumbled-chorizo vinaigrette he spoons on top. Alongside, he serves a soft-cooked egg in a little basket for diners to shell and add to the bowl. Potatoes, chorizo, egg: “I’m not sure if my favorite time to eat this is breakfast or after a slew of drinks late at night,” says Miller. 107 First Ave., New York City;

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