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From buttery scones to refreshing bellinis, these nine amazing brunch recipes all take advantage of sweet summer strawberries.

1. Spiced Strawberries with Yogurt
Tossing strawberries with a toasty caraway, almond and lemon zest mixture is a delicious and unexpected way to serve strawberries and yogurt.

2. No-Cook Strawberry Jam
Instant pectin preserves the fruit's just-picked flavor in this incredible, fresh-tasting jam.

3. Nutty Granola with Strawberry Compote and Greek Yogurt
Toasty and crisp, this is the ideal granola.

4. Strawberry-Almond Scones
What's the secret to these delicate and tender scones? Whole wheat pastry flour mixed with all-purpose white flour lightens the texture.

5. Strawberry Jam Breakfast Biscuit
These oversize breakfast biscuits are the perfect way to start the weekend.

6. Crêpes with Strawberries and Muscat-Yogurt Sauce
Upgrade the classic French dish with a creamy, orangey sauce and fresh strawberries.

7. Souffléed Strawberry Jam Omelets
These healthy, free-form soufflés are terrific for brunch or dessert.

8. Strawberry-Pecan Quick Bread
This excellent breakfast bread is great for a crowd.

9. Virgin Strawberry Belinis
Fresh strawberries star in this delicious mocktail.

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