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Dosa at Udupi Palace
Dosa at Udupi Palace

Nate Berkus and Danny Pudi share their favorite things to eat in Chicago for less than $20.

Nate Berkus Star interior designer who creates Moroccan poufs and llama figurines for Target

$9: Two Char Dogs and fries from The Wieners Circle. "Who doesn't love getting yelled at when they buy a hot dog?" 2622 N. Clark St.

$8: Lad Nar from Penny's Noodle Shop. "I love Southeast Asian food, especially stir-fried noodles."

$3: Vanilla cone dipped in butterscotch from Dairy Queen. "Life isn't complete without Dairy Queen."

Danny Pudi Actor, Community

"Note: I did not take into account travel costs (my mom offered to drive)."

$5: Coffee and toast at Julius Meinl. "An offshoot of a Viennese coffeehouse."

$3: Hot dog and fries at Gene & Jude's."Add your tears of joy to the salty goodness of the fries, which come right on top of the dog."

$7: Dosa at Udupi Palace. "Get a rice crêpe stuffed with potatoes. Come on, something vegetarian is sensible!" 

$5: A beer at Longman & Eagle. "Half Acre and Three Floyds are my favorites."

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