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Coating a trout fillet in cornmeal before frying it in butter is a classic preparation. (It’s especially easy if you follow F&W’s Mad Genius Tip for filleting a trout.) But cornmeal isn’t the only way to get that fillet nice and crispy. Here, four more ways to coat and fry trout.

1. Pan-Fried River Trout with Corn Cakes and Red-Pepper Coulis 
These fillets get nice and crispy, thanks to a coating of crumbled saltine crackers.

2. Matzo Meal-Crusted Trout 
Well-seasoned matzo meal is the key to this fantastic fish.

3. Pumpkin Seed-Fried Trout with Grapefruit and Fried Sage 
Coarsely ground raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds give the trout a nutty crust.

4. Peanut-Crusted Fish with Swiss Chard 
A mix of cornmeal and finely ground peanuts make for a golden crust.

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