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In this week’s spotlight video from Panna, Nancy Silverton reveals how to make perfect croutons. Though salads are a great way to use up batches and batches of delicious, chewy, crispy croutons, there are other dishes that can benefit from them. Here, five great ways to use croutons, other than in salads.

1. Scrambled Eggs
Stirring croutons right into soft, creamy scrambled eggs eliminates the need for a side of toast.

2. Tomato Soup
Buttery croutons give creamy tomato soup some delicious texture.

3. Roasted Halibut
Fish is often topped with crunchy bread crumbs, but croutons make the dish much more satisfying.

4. Polenta
For a rich and comforting dish, lace creamy polenta with melted cheese and crispy croutons.

5. Stuffed Tomatoes
These tomatoes are almost like inverted tuna sandwiches. They’re stuffed with creamy tuna with zippy capers, mellow cannellini beans and crunchy croutons.

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