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It’s Friday and the workweek is almost at an end. To help you start the weekend quickly and efficiently, here are 10 super-insanely-easy, three-ingredient cocktails (not counting ice or garnishes).

1. Negroni
Everyone’s favorite bittersweet cocktail calls for just gin, sweet vermouth and Campari.

2. Mint Julep
It doesn’t get simpler than mint, simple syrup and bourbon.

3. James Bond Martini 
He doesn’t just take it shaken, he takes it with gin, vodka and Lillet Blanc.

4. Bee’s Knees
This honey-sweetened, Prohibition-era cocktail is clean, refreshing and simple.

5. Caipirinha
This delicious Brazilian cocktail is deceptively potent.

6. Champagne Cocktail
Turn a glass of Champagne into an incredible cocktail simply by adding an Angostura-sprinkled sugar cube.

7. Manhattan
Stirred and strong, this is a go-to for whiskey lovers.

8. Daiquiri
Far from the frozen strawberry drinks you get on vacation, the classic daiquiri is made with just white rum, fresh lime juice and simple syrup.

9. Americano
The perfect drink for Negroni lovers who want something a little lighter.

10. Sidecar
This classic Cognac cocktail is due for a comeback.

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