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Right now we’re in the midst of a bounty of summer fruits. Sadly, it won’t last forever. Here are nine sweet and tart jams to make now.

1. Blue-Barb Jam
Instead of the traditional strawberries, fresh blueberries are paired with rhubarb in this incredibly simple and delicious sweet-tart jam.

2. Plum Jam
This sweet jam calls for small plums, like Italian prune plums.

3. No-Cook Strawberry Jam
Made with instant pectin, this gingery strawberry jam is amazingly fresh-tasting.

4. Peach Jam
This super-simple jam will stay fresh for three months.

5. Triple Ginger Nectarine Jam
Three types of ginger (dried, candied and fresh) give this jam depth.

6. Mixed-Berry Jam
This berry-packed jam uses blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

7. Mango Jam
This simple mango sauce is made by cooking pureed mango with sugar and just a touch of lemon juice.

8. Fig Jam
Light and floral figs are fantastic in a jam.

9. Apricot Jam
This delicious jam is surprisingly tart.

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