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You don’t have to go to Carvel for every ice cream cake. Using F&W’s easy, smart tip for making ice cream at home, you can create the greatest ice cream confections from scratch.

Here, seven fantastic recipes for ice cream cakes and pies that will rival even Fudgie the Whale.

1. Berry Ice Cream Pie
This creamy strawberry-and-blueberry pie has a crumbly graham cracker crust.

2. Baked Alaska Birthday Cake
There are three flavors of ice cream in this incredible cake.

3. Passion Fruit Ice Cream Pie with a Ginger Crust
This isn’t the kind of ice cream pie you’d make for a kiddie party. Instead of a plain cookie crust, it has a crispy, chewy one made with crumbled gingersnaps, dried pineapple and candied ginger.

4. Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Pie
This superb pie is super-easy to make.

5. Chocolate Soufflé Sundae
For this deluxe take on a brownie sundae, fill a chocolate soufflé crust with vanilla ice cream and top it with two sauces: dark chocolate and intense caramel.

6. Strawberry Ice Cream Pie
This over-the-top ice cream pie gets a double dose of strawberry from strawberry ice cream and strawberry sorbet.

7. Toasted Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream Pie
The crust for this pie is made entirely of toasted, shredded coconut and butter.

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