5 Veggie Burgers That Can Compete with Beef

Food & Wine: 5 Veggie Burgers That Can Compete with Beef
Black Bean Burgers © Cedric Angeles
By F&W Editors Posted July 22, 2014

Recently, New Yorkers waited several hours in line for a one-night-only offering from Del Posto’s pastry chef Brooks Headley. It wasn’t the next Cronut. It wasn’t free ice cream. Headley was selling veggie burgers. And according to F&W Chef-in-Residence David Chang, they were worth the wait. In an Instagram post, Chang described the creation as the best veggie burger he’s ever had.

If you missed the pop-up, you can still make these five incredible meat-free burgers at home—no waiting in line needed.

1. Cheese–Stuffed Portobello Burgers
Earthy portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers and Gouda cheese enrich this recipe.

2. Fresh and Juicy Veggie Burgers
These over-the-top burgers are made with chickpeas, artichokes and quinoa, then topped with melted cheese.

3. Black Bean Burgers
Hearty black beans are a great substitute for meat.

4. Crispy Quinoa Sliders
Serve these bite-size burgers alone or with a salad.

5. Brown-Rice Veggie Burgers
These healthy burgers are delicious wrapped in pita bread.

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