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From the makers of tayberry jam to a company that dry-cures thick-cut maple bacon, Food & Wine editors are always on the hunt for the country's best artisans. Now, we're sharing our ultimate shopping list. Today, we launched Food & Wine Selects in collaboration with the indie food purveyors at They're stocking 20 of our favorite products and a taster of the whole shebang. There are picks for savory and sweet fanatics, including the bright pink confection here by Kickstarter-funded treats maker Malvi. It's an incredible combination of hibiscus-raspberry marshmallow and chocolate shortbread. "Think modern Moon Pie," says F&W's executive food editor Tina Ujlaki, "but with right angles, ample pillowy pink ever-so slightly tangy marshmallow and a tender, deep chocolate shortbread cookie." To check out the whole collection, with new products added monthly, go to

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