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This week we revealed the easiest, fastest way to make ice cream with frozen bananas. F&W’s Justin Chapple mixed chocolate chips into the creamy dessert—but that’s not the only way to make it. Here, seven delicious things to swirl into almost-instant ice cream—or a pint of premade vanilla ice cream—for an incredible dessert.

1. Ricotta, Honey & Almonds 
The ricotta adds extra creaminess, while the almonds give it a delicious crunch.

2. Apple Butter  
Folding in apple butter is a great way to add elegance. Top the ice cream with ginger–laced melted chocolate.

3. Brown Butter Crumble 
Brown butter, made by warming butter in a skillet until it’s deeply golden, gives this chunky, streusel-like crumble a wonderfully nutty flavor.

4. Caramel-Apple Ice Cream 
Swirl in caramelized apples with dulce de leche for an ultra-indulgent dessert.

5. Fresh Blueberry Sauce 
Mix this easy fruit sauce into the ice cream or pour it on top for a simple summer sundae.

6. Caramel Rum Raisin Sauce 
Perfect for super-simple DIY rum raisin ice cream.

7. Double-Chocolate Cookie Crumble 
This chocolate crumble is crisp, light and deeply chocolaty, with a nice saltiness to it.

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