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Edible Cupcake Cases
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Oetker

‪Love cupcakes but hate peeling off the paper? There’s a new product on the market just for you. ‬Here, five delicious cupcakes to make with Dr. Oetker edible wafer cupcake cases.‬

‪1. Lemon-Ricotta Cupcakes with Fluffy Lemon Frosting  ‬‬
‪Joanne Chang’s delicious, lemony cupcakes are sweetened with honey instead of refined sugar. ‬‬

2. German Chocolate Cupcakes
Ready in less than an hour, these gluten-free desserts feature two delicious frostings: coconut pecan and chocolate buttercream.

‪3. Fluffernutter Cupcakes ‬‬
‪Creamy peanut butter and chopped chocolate peanuts top these delicious golden cakes. ‬‬

‪4. Granola Bar Cupcakes ‬‬
‪Crunchy granola and dried fruit add a savory touch to these fantastic cupcakes. ‬‬

‪5. ‬Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Ganache and Coconut
‪These decadent cupcakes are topped with chocolate-caramel frosting and flakes of toasted coconut. ‬‬

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