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Summer Fruit Soup
Summer Fruit Soup
Photo © Evi Abeler

“I recently read that I was the first Soup Nazi,” says Jacques Pépin. In 1970, the fabled cook opened his first US restaurant, La Potagerie, in midtown Manhattan; it specialized in soup, and lines wrapped around the block. “I did one of my first fruit soups there: fresh and frozen peaches poached in white wine. Serving a dessert with the word soup in the name was not done back then, but people liked it.” For the recipe here—a twist on a dish he created in the ’80s and made for his TV series Essential Pépin—the chef simmers wine with strawberry jam and black currant liqueur, then uses it to simmer cherries, plums, grapes and berries (p. 215). To counter the sweetness, he serves sour cream with just a little sugar stirred in, and slices of brioche alongside.

Recipe: Summer Fruit Soup

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