Spring Produce Primer
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Sorrel is a dark green, leafy herb that pops up every spring. The tart, lemony green is a favorite of foragers and amateur gardeners because it’s hearty and grows almost like a weed (so it doesn’t require much cultivation). Here, a short but comprehensive guide to bright and vibrant sorrel.

Where: Sorrel is not native to the US—it was brought over from Europe—but it grows well in almost every state.

When: April through June.

What to look for: Make sure the leaves are bright green and crisp.

Health benefits: Sorrel is high in vitamin C and packed with antioxidants. It may also support liver and heart functions.

How to eat it: Ultra-citrusy and tart, sorrel is best paired with rich or sweet flavors. Use it as a crisp accent in grilled shrimp rolls or butter-braised radishes. Or include it in a salad with sweet roasted beets. It is also delicious in a tangy crème fraîche sauce served with crispy fried veal chops or a creamy mousse. One of the best ways to preserve the bright flavor is to make it into a refreshing sherbet.

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