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Pickled Golden Chanterelles and Morels
Pickled Golden Chanterelles and Morels
Photo © Madeleine Hill

Marinovannye griby are pickled mushrooms in Russia, and until I spent time in St. Petersburg a few years ago, I never would have told you to pickle chanterelles and morels, but I’m telling you—do it. These days, with access to farmers’ markets and foragers, these mushrooms are more prevalent than ever. When I am confronted with the last few pounds of the season—which are half the price they were three weeks ago and sometimes a little beat up—I pickle them. That said, this quick pickle is perfect for enjoying all summer long. You can put the mushrooms up if you are comfy canning, or instead simply keep these in the fridge for a few weeks. And yes, I also make this dish with cremini, button and any other mushrooms I can find, except for the delicate trumpets and Japanese mushrooms.  Get the Recipe

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