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Alice Waters' Salad Tacos with Melted Jack Cheese
Photo © John Kernick

"I've been making this garden salad taco with my daughter, Fanny, since she was young," says Alice Waters, founder of Berkeley, California's legendary Chez Panisse and the Edible Schoolyard Project. "It was a good way to add fresh vegetables to her meals without hiding the fact that she was eating a salad." In her latest cookbook, The Art of Simple Food II, Waters makes the taco with a spiced yogurt sauce and whole-wheat tortillas, but the version here is her favorite: a mix of greens, radishes and fennel stuffed into corn tortillas with melted Monterey Jack. Waters likes to make these tacos for a group. "Prepare the salad a little in advance and add handfuls of it to the tortillas as they come out from under the broiler," she recommends.

Recipe: Garden Salad Tacos

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