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New Rubs and Salts for Grilling
Woodford Reserve's Lemon Pepper Blend
Photo courtesy of Woodford Reserve

Here's how to spike your grilled meats with the flavors of strong coffee, bourbon barrel smoke and Italian black truffles.

Coffee Rub
4 Rivers Smokehouse flavors this rub with strong cowboy coffee. $4.50 for 3.4 oz.;

Woodford Reserve's Lemon Pepper Blend
Wood from bourbon barrels smokes the pepper. $10 for 2 oz.;

Carolina Dirt Rub
This salty-sweet blend is best sprinkled, not rubbed, as salt crystals can cut meat. $9 for 6 oz.;

Herbal Heirloom Savory Salt
A tiny Italian farm grows the organic herbs. $11 for 4 oz.;

Black Truffle Sea Salt
From Abruzzo, a new essential for truffle fanatics. $13.25 for 2 oz.;

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