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Mushrooms, grains and lentils are just a few ingredients that can serve as the base for a great meatless burger patty. Here, seven excellent veggie burgers to make this weekend.

1. Fresh and Juicy Veggie Burgers
Jimmy Bannos, Jr.’s vegetarian burgers are topped with melted cheese and marinated mushrooms.

2. Cheese-Stuffed Portobello Burgers
Aged Gouda cheese adds terrific, smoky flavor to these mushroom veggie burgers.

3. Crispy Quinoa Sliders
These light patties are fantastic as mini veggie burgers or served with a salad.

4. Cumin–Spiced Red Lentil Burgers
These healthy, Indian-inspired burgers are rich in vitamin B and fiber.

5. Veggie Burgers with Pomegranate Ketchup
Ground porcini mushrooms add meaty flavor to Richard Blais’s fantastic burgers.

6. Black Bean Burgers
These vegetarian burgers make thick, delicious patties that stay tender. The roasted red pepper spread doubles as a fantastic dipping sauce for french fries.

7. Crispy Quinoa Burgers with Gruyère and Caramelized Onions 
These simple burgers pack a ton of flavor with sharp cheddar, Gruyère, caramelized onions and chipotle.

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