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When star French chef Jacques Pépin was a kid, his mother, Jeanette, would make a super-garlicky dish that he calls Eggs Jeanette. “It’s a hard-cooked egg cut in half, the yolk taken out and mashed with a lot of garlic and parsley with salt, pepper and a tablespoon or so of milk,” he explains. “Then the eggs are re-stuffed and sautéed, stuffed side down, in a skillet with olive oil. They brown very fast.” The extra leftover stuffing is mixed with mustard for a sauce that is served with the eggs. It’s the perfect, nostalgic dish to make if you’re ever lucky enough to have the chef over for dinner. But it’s also great as a simple brunch made even simpler with F&W’s Mad Genius Tip for homemade garlic paste.

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