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Where to Find America's Best Biscuits
Bang Bang's biscuits come with jams like blueberry-lavender or sour cherry.
Photo © Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

The unstoppable sandwich trend meets the revered Southern biscuit, and a new style of restaurant is born.

New York City
The biscuits at 24-hour Empire Biscuit are "sturdy and fortifying," says co-owner Jonathan Price. "Late at night, drunk dudes will order three fried-chicken biscuit sandwiches drenched with hot sauce." 198 Ave. A;

Asheville, NC
Biscuit Head specializes in cat-head biscuits, a craggy and crunchy Southern style. 733 Haywood Rd.;

Jacksonville Beach, FL
A touch of maple syrup is the secret ingredient in Maple Street Biscuit Company's all-butter recipe. 410 N. Third St.;

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits' sour cream-based biscuits (left), baked hourly, are distinctly non-Southern: dense and doughy, not flaky. 2051 N. California Ave.;

Portland, OR
A new Pine State Biscuits outpost serves sandwiches like the Wedgie: blue cheese-drenched iceberg, fried chicken and fried green tomato. 1100 SE Division St.;

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