I rarely go out for breakfast or lunch on a weekday. But when I get the opportunity, there’s only one place I go and only one thing I eat—Roebling Tea Room, for the poached egg omelet. On first glance, it doesn’t look like much. It appears to be a basic omelet: a well-made, perfectly folded omelet covered in hollandaise sauce, but an omelet all the same. Then you cut into it and out oozes the vibrant yellow yolk of a perfectly poached egg. Are you getting it? It’s an omelet filled with a poached egg! It’s a beautiful study in yellow. It’s an indulgent, eggy miracle. And it’s only available Monday through Friday. Until now it’s been an annual event for me, but after this week’s Mad Genius Tip, which reveals an easy way to make perfect poached eggs, I may finally get to enjoy the ultra-eggy dish on the weekends in my own apartment.

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