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Kim and Jake's
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Kim and Jake's Cakes; Boulder, Colorado

Husband and wife Kim and Jake Rosenbarger opened their Colorado bakery in 2010 “to make the best cakes in Boulder,” as their Twitter bio reads. They quickly won raves for their confections, along with wholesale clients such as Whole Foods and other Boulder-area markets. To promote cake as an everyday pleasure instead of a rare treat, they came up with compelling flavors like chocolate cake spiked with smoked salt and Urfa chiles, and a vindaloo spice cake iced with Thai-curry caramel. Then, about two years after opening, Jake was diagnosed with celiac disease. Among other inconveniences, to continue baking he had to don a hazmat mask to keep from inhaling any wheat. So he set to work developing gluten-free versions of all of their products, determined that they’d equal or exceed the originals. Soon the new creations started popping up at area markets and restaurants. Their gluten-free pizza dough, for example, is now at the Denver location of Pizzeria Locale, a growing Boulder-based chain that’s a partnership between Steve Ells of Chipotle and the owners of Frasca Food and Wine (F&W BNC Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Bobby Stuckey). In April, Kim and Jake’s announced their bakery is now 100 percent gluten-free. They’ve also launched an e-commerce portal on their site, where they can sell their wheat-free cookies and breads nationally.

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