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F&W Test Kitchen Compost
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Three months ago, the F&W Test Kitchen launched a big compost campaign, outfitting each workstation with its own compost bowl for scrupulously saving produce scraps. For Earth Day, Test Kitchen assistant Emily Tylman lists five things she’s learned.

1. The amount of garbage F&W produces has decreased drastically; we compost 20 to 25 pounds of food scraps each week.

2. It is possible to juice almost anything. Composting has inspired a juice-of-the-day morning happy hour. My current favorite juice: beet, apple, ginger, celery, which is also the prettiest juice I’ve made.

3. Our compost bowl looks so good sometimes that F&W staffers have been known to snack on it.

4. New York City restaurants are very supportive of the cause. (We occasionally coat-check our compost.)

5. It’s best to designate one person as the compost hauler. At least once a week, F&W’s restaurant editor, Kate Krader, drops off big bags of compost at the Union Square farmers’ market.

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