4 Cooking Lessons Jon Favreau Learned from Roy Choi
Jon Favreau in the kitchen
Photo © Robert Fisher

To prepare for his new movie, Chef, actor Jon Favreau sought the expertise of F&W Best New Chef Roy Choi. Here, four key lessons Favreau learned from the food truck king.

Chef Stance
"Roy would say, 'I don't like the way that chef stands. You can taste it in his food.' I thought he was speaking symbolically, but he literally meant that the chef's posture—his energy on the line—would affect the food."

"There's such efficiency to what chefs wear, how they address each other. They probably couldn't form a straight line at an ice cream truck, but in the kitchen, there's military efficiency."

"It's a sign of affection for chefs to yell like drill sergeants when they're teaching you something. But Roy is gentle: I never heard him yell or take anybody's dignity away. As a director, it was interesting to watch his style of leadership."

Kitchen Pride
"When Roy tells you that what you've done is beautiful, it makes your day. It takes time to get to that place. He shows you. You watch. He does it. You copy. Ultimately, you're so proud of what you've created. I'm more excited about this movie than anything I've done."

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Roy Choi in Hawaii
F&W Best New Chef 2010 Roy Choi

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