Andrew Zimmern's Kitchen Adventures

I started making these rice ball dumplings about 18 years ago after returning from my first trip to China. I had visited a dumpling house in Xian and became fascinated with presentation styles of standard Chinese pork farces. Creating different wrappers and decorating them is beyond the normal skill set of the average home cook, and frankly, you have to be a serious culinary hobbyist to go beyond the standard fill/seal school of dumpling making. But I came across this style in an old book and started playing around with it. It's easy and works every time without fail. I make these now as often as any dumpling in my repertoire. The cooked rice soaks up any dipping sauce you put in front of your guests. This is the type of recipe you always see in restaurants and don't think you can do yourself, but it will become one of your go-to showstoppers. Get the Recipe

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Andrew Zimmern's Kitchen Adventures
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