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Mario Batali's Saltimbocca Know-How
Chef Mario Batali
Photo © Marcus Nilsson

Mario Batali makes Italian saltimbocca with tender chicken and the sweet Italian dessert wine called vin santo.

How Not to Overcook the Chicken
"Cook it until almost white throughout, then finish it in the sauce for just a few minutes."

Asparagus Tip
"Asparagus is always better underdone than overdone, so if in doubt, take it out."

Best Substitutes
"Swap the prosciutto for mortadella, coppa, or paper-thin pancetta or bacon. I love the crunch of asparagus, but green beans, fennel or even young scallions in season could work, too."

Mario Batali is one of the greatest Italian-American chefs in America and runs 26 restaurants here and around the world.

Recipe: Chicken Saltimbocca with Asparagus

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