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Butcher & Bee's pulled squash sandwich.
© Maxim Vakhovskiy

At Charleston’s Butcher & Bee, chef Michael Shemtov has brought barbecue to vegans with his pulled-squash sandwich. “It’s a barbecue sandwich with Kansas City–style sauce—smoky and rich and tomato-based—smoked coleslaw and our homemade bread-and-butter pickles,” he says. “It’s awesome because you get all the hickory and the smokiness of eating barbecue, but you’re not eating pork or beef.” The sandwich is good for more than just vegans and vegetarians: It’s the perfect lunch for meat eaters who don’t want to suffer from post-barbecue drowsiness. “You can go back to the office after eating it and you don’t want to take a nap,” Shemtov says.

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