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Kiwi Cobbler
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This week in F&W’s Mad Genius Tips video series, F&W Test Kitchen genius Justin Chapple revealed how to peel a kiwi using a spoon. Master the technique by practicing on a few kiwis, then reward yourself by using the green, fur-free fruits in one of these 7 kiwi drinks.

1. Kiwi Cobbler
This refreshing, fruity cocktail is made with muddled kiwi, mint, vanilla and tequila.

2. Sunburst
According to bartender H. Joseph Ehrmann, kiwi contributes both sweet and sour flavors while giving this cooler great texture.

3. Kiwi Crush
The black seeds of the kiwi add a peppery kick to this terrific smoothie.

4. Kiwi Mojito
This vibrant take on a classic mojito calls for pureed kiwi, which makes the drink deliciously creamy.

5. Green Lantern
Kiwi, flowery Viognier and fresh lime juice make a perfect cocktail for sipping in the sun.

6. Agua Fresca 
In Mexico, an agua fresca is a combination of fresh fruit juice, sugar, water and ice that's sometimes fortified with tequila. This rum-based version is made with a tropical mix of mango, passion fruit and kiwi purees.

7. Double K Crush
A puree of kiwi and kiwano (a.k.a. horned melon) makes for a fantastically exotic vodka cocktail.

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