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F&W asked chefs around the country how they would prepare for an apocalyptic situation, a la The Road. Some went for luxury goods—others focused on survival.

Chef Jonathan Waxman knows exactly what to do in an emergency because, according to him, he’s done it before. He would bring a cut up organic chicken, charcoal, matches, four small potatoes, a head of frisée, bacon, butter, olive oil, garlic, a baguette a flask of Calvados, four apples, tin foil, sea salt and a tiny pepper mill. “With all of that, I’d make grilled chicken, potatoes roasted with garlic in tin foil, bacon and frisée salad with a grilled baguette, and baked apples with Calvados,” he says. While that sounds like a fantastic meal apocalypse or not, it would be incomplete without wine. Waxman has thought about that too. Before leaving the house or whatever liquor store he raided on his way to the wilderness, he would grab two bottles of Zinfandel and pop out the corks—so he wouldn’t have to ruin what would probably be his only pair of shoes by doing this.

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