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Often regarded as little more than a garnish, parsley is probably the most underrated herb. In fact, Salt Lake City chef Ryan Lowder calls it the single best bang-for-your-buck ingredient. "It's such a beautiful herb, and dirt cheap, but it gets a bad rap," he says. "But you have to have minced parsley on a pot-au-feu. I also use it in my chimichurri and salsa verde. A proper salsa verde with a well-grilled steak is one of my favorite things in the world." Here, 7 incredibly delicious dishes to make with poor, under-appreciated parsley.

1. Parsley-Mint Tabbouleh
This herb-heavy variation of the Middle Eastern classic swaps the usual ratio of bulgur to herbs, making it brighter, leafier and less grainy than the standard salad.

2. Smoky Citrus Shrimp with Parsley
These tangy, garlicky shrimp are delicious piled high on crispy toasts, but they're also amazing sandwiched inside a quesadilla oozing with shredded Jack cheese.

3. Fresh Apple-Celery Juice with Ginger and Parsley
Elizabeth Falkner of Citizen Cake and Orson in San Francisco calls this juice her "wake-up call." Sweet and tangy, it's a refreshing way to start the day.

4. Farfalle with Zucchini and Parsley-Almond Pesto
This nutty, fresh-tasting pesto combines roasted almonds, parsley and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

5. Three-Cheese-and-Herb Frittata Sandwiches
Adding parsley, chives and cheese creates a creamy frittata that's terrific warm, at room temperature or chilled.

6. Veal Scaloppine with Wilted Parsley, Lemon and Sesame
Wilted parlsey makes a clever topping for quick-cooking veal scaloppine.

7. Halibut with Parsley-Lemon Sauce
Perfectly cooked halibut steaks are incredible with bright, lemony parsley sauce.

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