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How to Save on Champagne So You Can Splurge on Caviar
NV Fleury Fleur de L'Europe Brut
Photo courtesy of Champagne Fleury

NV Fleury Fleur de L'Europe Brut: When you buy nonvintage Champagne, you're getting a blend of wines from different years. Often enough, this adds up to something excellent, though usually not quite as rich and complex as a pricier vintage Champagne made from one stellar season's grapes. But there are exceptions: Fleury's basic brut is an entry-level Champagne that tastes a lot like a lovingly-aged vintage bottling, and in fact it's composed entirely of wines from 2004 (which was a great year) and 2005 (which was good). It's creamy, toasty and totally luxurious—exactly the kind of thing you should pour on Valentine's Day.

Drink It With: Smoked salmon and caviar, ideally together in Eric Ripert's super-luxe, super-easy dish of smoked salmon and salmon roe with crème fraîche and brioche.

Best Price Online: $39 at Larchmont Wine & Liquor. (Find more stores.)

Also Look For: Other excellent non-vintage Champagnes.

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