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Greek-Style Yogurt with Mixed Berry Conserve
Greek-Style Yogurt with Mixed Berry Conserve
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Chobani's massive yogurt shipment to the U.S. Olympic team remains in limbo while Russian authorities decide if it can enter the country. Whether this is a dark ploy to weaken rival athletes by holding back a delicious and fortifying snack or just a bureaucracy failure remains to be seen. But if American trainers can get their hands on some fresh milk and culture, they can make this Greek-style yogurt in just a couple of days.

Greek Yogurt Recipe
Follow these simple steps to make amazingly thick and creamy Greek–style yogurt at home, from skim or 2 percent milk.

Best Recipes for Yogurt Toppings

Mixed-Berry Conserve
This thick raspberry-and-blueberry sauce is the perfect topping for yogurt, ice cream and even a piece of toast.

Ginger-Peach Conserve
The warm heat of ginger perfectly complements sweet peaches in this thick fruit sauce.

Baked Flax Seed Granola
Store-bought granola is always expensive, and never as fresh as granola you can easily make at home.

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