Top Chef Finale Countdown
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Tonight at 10 p.m. EST, fans will turn their TVs to Bravo and watch with baited breath as this season of Top Chef comes to an end. Will the winner be French-cooking Philadelphian Nicholas Elmi or pasta princess Nina Compton? If you’re still having trouble deciding who to root for, this simple quiz should help you find out whether you’re #TeamNick or #TeamNina.

Where would you rather live?
A. Somewhere warm, with a palm tree or two.
B. A city, possibly with some significance in U.S. history.

Which cuisine do you prefer?
A. Italian. Pasta!!
B. French. Butter!!

Who would you rather hang out with?
A. Scott Conant.
B. Guy Savoy.

How spicy is too spicy?
A. There’s no such thing as too spicy.
B. I’m okay with the occasional jalapeño.

What’s your style?
A. Breezy and bright.
B. Yacht-club chic.

What’s your main weakness?
A. Sometimes I’m a little scattered.
B. I lose my temper once in a while.

Who do you usually bet on?
A. The favorite.
B. The dark horse.

How often do you cry?
A. What would crying accomplish?
B. I can be a real softy when family is involved.

If you answered mostly A’s then you’re #TeamNina all the way. If you answered mostly B’s, get ready to jump on #TeamNick.

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