This Week in Food News

Avant-garde culinary legend Ferran Adrià of Spain’s now-retired elBulli recently unveiled an exhibit at The Drawing Center in New York. "Notes on Creativity" features illustrations, clay plating experiments and diagrams. Eater has a cool inside look. But if having a museum show dedicated to the inner workings of your own brain on food isn’t enough, Adrià also scored a free cronut! Pastry master and creator Dominique Ansel hand-delivered America's most obsessed-over pastry and snapped a photo of the experience. In other food news: Girl Scout cookies went gluten-free and the Morton Salt Girl got a makeover. But we don't have to tell you.

Here, Food & Wine star contributor Justin Warner, of Brooklyn's Do or Dine and The Food Network's Rebel Eats, raps the culinary bytes you need to know this week.

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