Dr. Vino
The Value Wine That Costs $100
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Ever wondered where the experts stand on the best wine practices and controversies? In this series, wine blogger, teacher and author Tyler Colman (a. k. a. Dr. Vino) delivers a final judgement.

Don't you think aged Riojas are stunning value wines, even when they're pricey? If I tell you that I bought a wine for $100, you'd have every right to think it was expensive. But if I tell you it was a wine from a single vineyard, one of the best in the region, that was stored for three decades at the winery's cellar and only just released, then it sounds much more like a fair price. (Such was my calculus when I splurged on a 1981 Lopez de Heredia Bosconia Gran Reserva for a recent anniversary.) In fact, many fantastic gran reserva Riojas—which are required by law to be aged at least 5 years before release—can be had for much less. Many good bottles are priced at under $35.

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