Confit Chicken Skin
Chef Matt Orlando's confited chicken skins.
Photo © Line Klein

In Copenhagen, one of the world's hottest restaurant cities, Amass chef Matt Orlando has created a dish everyone's talking about.

When most cooks think about chicken skin, they're wondering how to make it as crisp as possible. Matt Orlando, former right-hand man to Noma's René Redzepi, had other ideas. He decided to stack as many chicken skins as possible (from 70 to 140), then blast-freeze them before slowly cooking overnight to render the fat. The result is a rich, terrine-style dish that tastes like it's made from the meatiest, juiciest chicken wings. Orlando serves it with tart lemon-marinated burnt kale and pearls made from nut cream. "Stacking skins is time-consuming; the whole kitchen pitches in," he says.

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