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Superstar Chef-in-Residence Mario Batali
Chef-in-Residence Mario Batali.

Although our Chefs-in-Residence are some of America's most incredible cooks, we're inspired by the simple food they make at home. Here's how Mario Batali eats in his everyday life.

8 A.M.
By 8 a.m., I am long gone from home, but at 6, I'm making breakfast for my kids, like a Batali McMuffin—duck egg over-easy with prosciutto and Fontina.

8 P.M.
I might make roast pork loin on a Sunday and black-bean burgers on a Meatless Monday. Tuesday is anything we feel like, such as strip steaks with porcini and truffles. Wednesday through Friday our babysitter makes delicious Mexican food, and I just eat it up.

I am not cooking anywhere, but I am often lurking around restaurants checking things out.

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